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Stage Play:

Mary Barnes (adapted by David Edgar) Performed in many cities in the United States, England, Continental Europe, South America and Australia.

Latest performances:

Mermaid Theatre, London and Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, 1995


Mary Barnes (adapted by David Edgar) BBC Radio 4 June 95


Mary Barnes (under adaptation in France)


Mary Barnes (possibly under adaptation)


A Celebration of the Life and Work of Mary Barnes, Kinsgley Hall, 25 November 2001. Click here to see this programme
The Madness in Me (Documentary on the Arbours Crisis Centre), BBC 'One Life' series, screened on June 21 2005

Internet Publications

"The Psychological Understanding of Muslim Terrorism" (with Stanley Schneider), Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
web site: www.psychoanalysis-and-therapy.com 2006

"The Jewish Mystical Tradition & Psychoanalysis" ACADEMY OF JERUSALEM
web site: www.actom.co.il October 1997

"Yankel" (with Gedaliah Fleer) In Between the Lines: Explorations of Jewish Mysticism, Identy, and Self Transformation, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1998. email:


Many as in:

R. D. Laing & Anti-Psychiatry, edited by Robert Boyers and Tobert Orrill, Personal Library, Harper & Row, New York, 1971

Attraverso Lo Specchio: Un Viaggio Nella Comunita Terapeutiche Inglesi, edited by Marcello Macario, "Intervista a Joseph Berke - Arbours Association," Centro Studi "Psichitria e Territorio", Forte dei Marmi (Lucca), 1990.

The Arbours Magazine, Autumn 1991.

Suburbia (London) December 2001

Bless This Unusual House, edited by L. Payne. E. Wade & E. Bakopoulou, The Arbours Centre, London 2004.